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Alternative Careers and Their Salaries You May Find Surprising

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You may find your job dull and boring, and of course we all think that our workplace underpays us. The mundane tasks that we as a human race preform from day to day may go un-noticed but more exciting careers are not always the most profitable. Some jobs we overlook or are thought of to be a waste of time are actually great money makers. Meanwhile essential jobs fall short of expectations.

4 Careers with Good Salaries

An Astronomer for instance has a fairly simple job. They sit in the observatory or out in a field and take notes, of course it's a bit more scientific then that but here is their true job description. To research and write about the universe, including the composition and behavior of celestial objects. And the surprising thing is the yearly income of these star gazers, a whopping average of $101,360.

Auctioneers are the men and woman who speak amazingly fast at a podium and sell you something, kinda like a politician but nicer. But an auctioneer does more then just speak, aside from selling their items, auctioneers are often involved with appraising items, overseeing the entire transaction of property and merchandise, and advertising a particular auction. There average income is a bit of an unknown, it really depends on them, the National Auctioneers Association reports that they often make 10 to 15 percent of the auction's total proceeds so their salary is dependent on that.

Paramedics are considered in the eyes of many to be modern day Superheros. They are first on scene when an accident occurs, they save lives and look out for the well being of others. The schooling required to become on of these professionals is quite a bit their jobs are hard and draining both physical and mentally. So you would expect them to have a good quality income right? No, in fact it's down right pitiful at around $26,080 annually. Seems a bit unfair, many paramedics have to take up second jobs to supplement income, and their counterparts, EMT (Emergency Medical Technicians) get paid even less.

School Teachers are one of the most underpaid and underappreciated jobs known to man. These poor adults have to watch 20+ children for over seven hours a day trying to teach them something hoping that they will progress into productive young adults, but what about those who oversee the entire school? Principles are often overlooked as well, but not underpaid. Teachers make an average close to $40,000 annually but principals make double that making an average of $85,225 but that's due to the enormity of their job. Principles oversee all aspects of the school, including budget, supply and re-supply, disciplinary actions, administrative tasks, and maintaining relations between faculty, students and students parents.

So there are a few jobs you can compare to your own, how does yours stack up? So next time you look to the stars, visit your kids school, or see an ambulance sirens blazing you might be able to better appreciate your job, or loath it even more, that's your choice.

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